Weekend Line-up

Preview / work-in-progress shows

We have announced 20 of the festival's 48 shows. Every single show at the festival is a preview or work-in-progress — they may be rough around the edges!

Nish Kumar: Nish, Don't Kill My Vibe

Sara Pascoe: I Am A Strange Gloop

Larry Dean: Dodger

Ania Magliano: Forgive Me, Father

Jordan Brookes: Fontanelle

Lauren Pattison: Big Girl Pants

Colin Hoult: Colin

Olga Koch Comes From Money

Tom Ballard: Good Point Well Made

Chloe Petts: How You See Me, How You Don't

Stuart Laws Has to Be Joking?

Celya AB: Of All People

Ray Badran

Micky Overman: Hold On

Lou Wall: The Bisexual's Lament

John Tothill: Thank God This Lasts Forever

Laura Davis: Albatross

Abby Wambaugh: The First 3 Minutes of 17 Shows

Dee Allum: Deadname

Charlie George: Burning Down the House

All shows are first come first served, entry to particular shows is not guaranteed (but we do our best to fit people in!) Line-up subject to change.


We have announced 2 of the festival's 12 hosts. This year's hosts will include:

Joz Norris

Lulu Popplewell