Weekend Line-up

Preview / work-in-progress shows

We have announced all of the festival's 48 shows. Every single show at the festival is a preview or work-in-progress — they may be rough around the edges!

Nish Kumar: Nish, Don't Kill My Vibecaptioned

Work-in-progress show for a new tour. In this election year — with the country in turmoil – there’s only one comedian who can kill the mood even further… Nish Kumar. One of The Guardian and The Telegraph’s 50 Best Comedians of the 21st Century is back with a brand-new politically charged stand-up show.

As seen and heard on The Mash Report, Taskmaster, Pod Save the UK, Live at the Apollo, Hold the Front Page and your favourite tabloid newspaper.

“The smartest, and often the silliest, political comic we’ve got” ★★★★ Guardian

Photo by Matt Stronge.

Sara Pascoe: I Am A Strange Gloopcaptioned

Apparently caterpillars completely break down into goo before they become butterflies. Come join comedian Sara Pascoe as she reconsiders and reconstructs herself after having two babies and very little sleep.

Photo by Rachel Sherlock.

Larry Dean: Dodgercaptioned

Larry’s been spending a lot of time with his granny lately. He wants to tell you about it. Join the thrice Edinburgh Comedy Award-nominated, two-time star of Live at the Apollo for a hilarious new show about identity, heroes and the benefits of being a dafty.

“A superb piece of stand-up… at the top of his game” ★★★★★ Independent
“Twinklingly charismatic… the gag rate is ridiculously high” ★★★★★ Telegraph
“A randy crab” ★★★★★ Herald

As seen on Mock The Week, House Of Games, Fandan (Channel 4 comedy special) and Michael McIntyre’s Big Show.

Photo by Matt Crockett.

Lauren Pattison: Big Girl Pantscaptioned

Two-time Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee Lauren Pattison is back with a brand-new show. She’s decided she wants to come back bigger, braver and maybe blonder… either way it’s time to put her big girl pants on. As seen on Roast Battle (Comedy Central), Stand Up For Live Comedy (BBC One), Comedy Up Late (ABC) and as heard on the smash-hit Have A Word podcast.

“A breath of feisty fresh air” ★★★★★ Herald
“Slice-of-life storytelling with a sharp comic twist” ★★★★ Times

Photo by Matt Crockett.

Mark Watson: Work-In-Progress Is Not a Cop-Out, It Demonstrates Respect For The Paying Audiencecaptioned

Two years is how long it takes me to write a proper show. This summer, we try ideas out in a small room. Each performance will be a bit different. But that isn’t necessarily a recommendation.

Olga Koch Comes From Moneycaptioned

From the maker of Succession and White Lotus, Money™ brings you yet another little white b*tch you will love to hate: Olga Koch. The star of Live At The Apollo, Mock The Week and QI finally addresses the elephant in the room. Directed by Jet Vevers.

“Nerd and libertine” ★★★★ Scotsman
★★★★ Guardian
★★★★ Telegraph
★★★★ Chortle

Photo by Matt Stronge.

Tom Ballard: Good Point Well Madecaptioned

Best Show Nominee, Edinburgh Comedy Awards and Melbourne Comedy Festival. As seen on Prime Video’s Deadloch. As heard on Radio 4 and The Bugle. #10 in the British Comedy Guide’s Top 50 Shows of 2023. Tom Ballard is undeniably one of Australia’s comedians. In 2024 he returns to the Fringe with a shiny new show bursting with electric zingers and incredible points being made with expert precision. It’ll make you laugh and cry and think and then laugh again haha.

“Unrelenting and uproarious.” ★★★★½ Chortle
“Absolutely packed with elite gags.” ★★★★ Scotsman

Photo by Ben King.

Micky Overman: Hold Oncaptioned

All of a sudden, comedian Micky Overman finds her life going the direction she’s always wanted. The path has been set, she just has to follow it. So why is she finding that so hard? A show about change, commitment and letting go of your old self. Join Micky as she desperately fights against her old coping mechanisms, whilst contemplating love, the art of gift giving and Ozzy Osbourne.

★★★★★ Funny Women
★★★★ Scotsman
★★★★ Chortle
★★★★ BroadwayBaby.com
★★★★ List
“Top-notch lines that wouldn’t be out of place in an A-lister’s Netflix special” Chortle

Photo by Matt Crockett.

Rob Auton: The Eyes Open And Shut Show

This is a show about eyes when they are open and eyes when they are shut.

With this show I wanted to explore what I could do to myself and others with language when eyes are open and when they are shut. After writing ten shows on specific themes including the colour yellow in ‘The Yellow Show’, the sky in ‘The Sky Show’ and myself in ‘The Rob Auton Show’ I wanted to think about what makes me open my eyes and what makes me shut my eyes. The show will involve the audience shutting their eyes and opening their eyes at specific points.

“Very hilarious” David Shrigley

Photo by Julian Ward.

Sara Barron: Anything for You

Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee, Sara Barron (Would I Lie to You?; Live at the Apollo) has a new show that’s fierce, savage and other adjectives from RuPaul’s Drag Race. The clock is ticking, and the questions aren’t cute anymore: is it your fault you’re angry? Are you too old to blame your mum? And why is she angry? Can we get some grief pie? No one’s died, but we’re exhausted. Do not sashay gentle into that good night.

“Deliciously dark, unapologetically filthy… a masterclass” ★★★★★ Herald
“Beautifully crafted” ★★★★ Sunday Times

Photo by Matt Stronge.

Jordan Brookes: Fontanelle

I recently had a near-death experience. I was on stage at a mental health charity fundraiser and thought the black walls were made of soft material. I turned to the audience, cheerfully asked “may I?” and head-butted it. Turns out, it was solid concrete. The noise my skull made echoed around the room. I spent the next few days waiting to die. This show is loosely inspired by that.

“Majestic and challenging” ★★★★★ List
“Profound and disgusting” ★★★★ Skinny
“Demolishes the conventions of comedy” ★★★★ Guardian
“One-of-a-kind comic mind” ★★★★ Times

Photo by Murdo MacLeod.

Ania Magliano: Forgive Me, Father

You know when you’re trying to wee on a night out, and you’re interrupted by a random girl who insists on telling you all her secrets even though you’ve never met? Imagine that, but she has a microphone. After two critically acclaimed, sell-out runs, Edinburgh Comedy Award Best Show 2023 nominee Ania Magliano returns to Fringe.

“Consistently amusing and deceptively daring” ★★★★ Times’ Top 4 Best Comedy Shows 2023
★★★★★ Telegraph
★★★★ Guardian, Evening Standard, Time Out

Writer for Amelia Dimoldenberg. Ania’s choices on Off Menu are widely regarded as the worst of all time.

Photo by Rebecca Need-Menear.

Garrett Millerick Needs More Space

Comedy’s angriest optimist returns for a hilarious, honest and mostly historically accurate, exploration of space travel, his totally insignificant place in the universe and how little he actually knows about anything.

“A masterclass” ★★★★ Telegraph
Featured on Best Reviewed shows of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe lists, 2018-2023.
Critics Choice: Guardian, Times, Telegraph, Independent, Chortle and Time Out.
As seen on Conan (US Late Night), BBC Radio 4, Have a Word, Sirius XM and 800 Pound Gorilla Records.

Colin Hoult: Colin

The acclaimed comedian and 2022 Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee returns with a stand-up show about family, fatherhood, and a formative childhood experience with a Ouija board and a gorilla. As seen in Afterlife (Netflix), Avoidance (BBC), Ghosts (BBC), This Time With Alan Partridge (BBC), and judging the 2023 BBC New Comedy Awards.

“Terrific… you will laugh yourself silly throughout” ★★★★★ Telegraph
“Genius… one of the funniest comedy shows I’ve seen” ★★★★★ Times
“Superb” ★★★★★ Arts Desk
“Hilarious” ★★★★ Scotsman
★★★★ Independent
★★★★ Guardian
★★★★ Evening Standard

Photo by Ed Moore.

Paddy Young: If I Told You I’d Have to Kiss You

A second show has hit Paddy Young. The 2024 Chortle Award Best Newcomer winner and 2023 Edinburgh Comedy Award Best Newcomer nominee returns. BBC New Comedy Awards finalist.

“Young is surely on the road to stardom” ★★★★★ Rolling Stone
“One of British comedy’s most intriguing new voices” ★★★★ Independent
★★★★ Scotsman
★★★★ Three Weeks
★★★★ Chortle
★★★★ Entertainment Now
★★★★ Beyond The Joke

Photo by Michael Julings.

Chloe Petts: How You See Me, How You Don't

After two smash-hit, sell-out runs, Chloe Petts returns to the Edinburgh Fringe with a brand-new show… and this time she’s getting personal. Between her newly found trolls, oldly found school bullies, and an excellent relationship with her food tech teacher, Chloe Petts brings her trademark laddishness to tell you who she really is, all whilst her Head Girl badge glistens upon her chest.

“Clearly a rising star whose name will soon be in lights” ★★★★ Evening Standard
“One of the most compelling young comics” ★★★★ Guardian
★★★★ Metro

Photo by Matt Stronge.

Steen Raskopoulos: Friendly Stranger

One Man Sketch Show. If Steen is a stranger you’ve not seen perform before, his shows are packed with loveable characters, huge laughs and electric spontaneity. Come join the latest comedy extravaganza written and performed by a man frequently called ‘Steve’. Award-winning comedian and star of Netflix’s The Duchess, Feel Good and Amazon’s The Office (Australia).

Nominated Best Newcomer, Edinburgh Fringe Festival
Nominated Best Newcomer, Melbourne International Comedy Festival
Nominated Best Show, Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Winner Director’s Choice Award, Sydney Comedy Festival

Photo by Matt Stronge.

Celya AB: Of All People

Celya is good in a crisis but cries at flashmob videos. Following multiple sell-out tours and barnstorming appearances at JFL Montreal and Melbourne ICF, the Live at the Apollo star returns to tackle the big three: beauty, money and the void.

“The UK’s Parisian comedy star is making waves” Guardian
“One of the most striking acts around, combining magnetic stage presence with punchy material” Evening Standard
“A comic shooting to fame” ★★★★ List
★★★★ Scotsman

As seen/heard on BBC, Comedy Central, Off Menu and The Guilty Feminist; support for Maria Bamford and St. Vincent.

Photo by Rachel Sherlock.

Ian Smith: Verschlimmbessern

Edinburgh Comedy Award Best Show nominee 2023 Ian Smith is starting to write a new show.

As heard on The News Quiz, The Now Show and Just A Minute — and seen on The Stand Up Sketch Show (ITV). Co-host of the Northern News podcast.

“As crystalline and perfectly-formed as 60 minutes of stand-up is likely to get” Chortle
“An effortlessly brilliant stand-up show” ★★★★ Scotsman
“There are few fringe shows as purely funny as this” ★★★★ Guardian

Photo by Matt Stronge.

Erika Ehler: I Got Some Dope Ass Memories With People That I’ll Never F*ck With Again

Erika Ehler navigates the disturbing reality of what it’s like to be young, hot and yet so alone; platonic relationships and the bittersweet transition of hangouts becoming reunions. As seen on Frankie Boyle’s New World Order, Comedians Giving Lectures and Comedy Central Live.
★★★★ Scotsman
★★★★ Skinny
★★★★ Funny Women
★★★★ Broadway Baby
“If you think Frankie Boyle’s too soft, Ehler could be the comic for you” Chortle

Photo by Rebecca Need-Menear.

Rachel Fairburn: Side Eye

Rachel Fairburn is back with seven deadly characters. We’d say Rachel can’t wait to see you there, but she’s not technically in the show (the devil might be…)

Co-host of International smash-hit podcast All Killa No Filla and as seen on Live at the Apollo (BBC Two), Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled (Dave), Richard Osman’s House of Games (BBC Two) and Russell Howard Hour Life Lesson (Sky).

“Very much the rock’n’roll star of British comedy” Rolling Stone
“Huge presence in a pint-sized frame” ★★★★ Chortle
“Bright, brave and bitterly enjoyable” ★★★★ Skinny

Photo by Drew Forsyth.

Stuart Laws Has to Be Joking?

Last year Stuart started telling the truth on stage and was diagnosed autistic: he got the best reviews he’s ever got and his show was a must-see. He’s back baby! And has to lean into it further. It’s funny, it’s real, it’s immaculately structured and it’s a chance to see a comedian at the top of his game. As heard on Off Menu and seen on BBC, Prime and 800 Pound Gorilla.

★★★★½ Chortle
★★★★ List
“You’ll struggle to find a comedian with a better jokes-per-minute rate” ★★★★ Fest

Photo by Ed Moore.

Harriet Kemsley: Everything Always Works Out For Me

Ridiculous things always happen to Harriet, but this year it’s out of control. She’s got to rebuild her whole life and she cannot work out which way the building blocks go. As seen on Live at the Apollo, 8 Out of 10 Cats does Countdown, Hypothetical & Roast Battle.

“At the dawn of her TV career.” Radio Times
★★★★ Guardian
★★★★ Scotsman
★★★★ List

Photo by Linda Blacker.

Milo Edwards: How Revolting! Sorry to Offend

Milo is sick of it all. Disgusted with the state of things. No, thank you. Everything is getting worse. In 2023 he got a temporary tattoo on his arse. Award-winning comedian Milo Edwards returns to the fringe with a show about class, Britain, common decency and cum… and other revolting things that are best not talked about.

“Edwards has quietly become one of the UK’s smartest, most vital stand-ups” Chortle
“Near perfect” ★★★★★ Wee Review
“Milo Edwards’ comedy is a little like marmalade” ★★★★ Broadway Baby.

Best Show nominee Leicester Comedy Festival (2023 and 2024).

Photo by Joshua Peroti.

Sian Davies: Band of Gold

A brand new show from award-winning, working-class queer comedian Sian Davies. As seen on Comedy Central Live, ITVX and NextUp. Nominated for NextUp Biggest Prize in Comedy at Edinburgh Fringe 2023. Winner of Edinburgh Comedy Awards Panel Prize 2022 for Best in Class. Winner of Best Debut Show Leicester Comedy Festival 2020. Funny Women Stage Award 2019 runner up. Winner of Hilarity Bites Best New Act 2018. And she doesn’t regret a thing. Or does she?

“Compelling and distinctive” Scotsman
“Life affirming and celebratory” ★★★★ Wee Review

Ray Badran: If this show sells out I’ll perform the last 10 minutes of it doing a handstand

Hi my name is Ray and I am performing a stand-up comedy show. I live between London and Sydney, where I am a regular at most comedy rooms and festivals. I've performed on TV in both countries, have written for various TV and radio shows, advertisements and comedians. I think I can do the best handstand. Like, I haven't met anyone that can do a better one. Really serious about this. Thanks, Ray.

Photo by Simon Wootton.

Lou Wall: The Bisexual's Lament

In 2023, Lou Wall was the first ever lesbian* to go through a breakup. In 2024 Lou Wall will be the first EVER** comedian to write a show about heartbreak. Fuelled entirely by delusion, tequila and the girls’ group chat, this is a journey from the pits of personal hell to comic stardom***. Featuring Lou’s signature musical comedy, deranged Powerpoints and mentally ill hot takes, this show will make you 100% gayer (derogatory) and cure your depression or your money back. *Eat my ass. **No srlsly … eat it. ***The open-mic circuit.

Photo by Monica Pronk.

Paul Williams: Mamiya 7

The star of Taskmaster New Zealand returns after sell-out shows at Melbourne, New Zealand, and London’s Soho Theatre.

Paul bought a second-hand film camera last year and it turned out the previous owner had left a used-up roll of film in it. This show is about that.

Good for all ages but if you're really old, please only come if you promise to stay calm.

★★★★ Times
★★★★ List
★★★★ Skinny

Photo by Michael Julings.

Amy Gledhill: Make Me Look Fit on the Poster

Amy Gledhill – Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee, National Comedy Award nominee and ⅓ of cult double-act The Delightful Sausage — returns with a brand-new show about self-confidence, romance and bin bags.

As seen on: Would I Lie To You? (BBC), The Jonathan Ross Show (ITV), Never Mind The Buzzcocks (Sky), Alma’s Not Normal (BBC), 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown (Channel Four).

“Remember Gledhill’s name, because it’s about to be everywhere” ★★★★★ Independent
“One of the funniest people making comedy right now” Metro
“Jaw-droppingly good” ★★★★ Times
★★★★ Guardian

Photo by Matt Crockett.

Dan Wye: Am I Sam Smith?

Have you experienced the intensity of being famous without any of the perks? Been doppelgäng-banged to the point you no longer exist?

Lube up for this deep dive into fame and misfortune, accidental celebrity identity theft and being simultaneously on the cusp of tragic and iconic at all times.

A hilarious debut hour from one of the country's most prominent comedy / cabaret performers, the award-winning Dan Wye (Séayoncé). Exploring the power and joy in your identity and the absurd reality of it being taken away by someone with four Brit awards.

★★★★★ Deadline

Photo by Dylan Woodley.

Nic Sampson: Yellow Power Ranger

When he was 18, Nic played the Yellow Ranger in the 14th season of Power Rangers. Now years later, this shy and humble star is inviting his passionate fans (that's you) to a never-before-attempted cast reunion. This is your chance to meet Nic in person (don’t be nervous) and celebrate this beloved show you've definitely all seen. And don't worry, the other cast are definitely coming…

Co-writer of Starstruck (BBC Three) and The Brokenwood Mysteries (UKTV). International Emmy Award winner.

“A sprawling beauty of a show” ★★★★ Scotsman
★★★★ Telegraph, Daily Mail and Chortle

Photo by Matt Stronge.

Josh Glanc: Family Man

Josh Glanc is back with a brand-new show. Fresh from sold-out runs at the Soho Theatre, the Edinburgh Fringe, Just For Laughs London and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Don’t miss it. Or do. I don’t really mind. I’m just the guy who writes his copy. If fact, he doesn’t even pay me. You know what. Screw him. I’m going to write whatever I want. Lalablahabal yimmsdfi yimmo yoooo. Bing Bong Baaahh.

Sami Abu-Wardeh: Freedom

Smash hit comedian (Guardian top 10 comedy shows 2022) returns with his second hour of clowning and stupidity, this time with political content and anger.

“Blissfully funny” Guardian
“Unrestrained sexual content” Sami's mother

Photo by SunshineMunu Photography.

John Tothill: Thank God This Lasts Forever

Last year, John Tothill was visited by a series of terrible plagues. Now, he’s desperate to tell you all about it (preferably over many drinks and maybe the tiniest cigarette?). Imagine the Old Testament but with less historical accuracy, and even more divine intervention. And it’s a stand-up show, not a book. Chortle Awards’ Best Newcomer nominee 2024.

John’s debut show was one of the Best-Reviewed Edinburgh Fringe Shows of 2023 (British Comedy Guide). As seen on Comedy Central Live.

“Resplendent, ridiculous, didactic, and fabulous” Tatler
★★★★★ EdFest Magazine
★★★★½ Chortle
★★★★ Guardian, Telegraph, Skinny
Hottest Comedy Tip for 2024 (Chortle)

Photo by Rebecca Need-Menear.

Tarot: Shuffle

The best show of 2019 according to Chortle. The sixth-best show of 2022 according to The Guardian. Come watch us continue our slow descent into mediocrity.

They (our parents, partners, children) say “Sketch is dead”, but if it’s dead then where’s all our money going? A brand new show from the critically-acclaimed, nightie-clad sketch-zealots.

“Bark-out-loud funny… the whole show is startlingly live” ★★★★ Guardian
“One of the balls-out funniest show of the Fringe” ★★★★½ Chortle
“Tarot will not give you nightmares, though you might wake laughing your head off” ★★★★ Evening Standard
★★★★ Telegraph

Photo by Matt Stronge.

John-Luke Roberts

At the Edinburgh Fringe this year, John-Luke Roberts will do every solo comedy show he’s ever done in a row, and then goes back to the first one and does them again until the Fringe runs out. At ARG, he presents a surprise hour — what will it be? Juvenalia! Monsters? Spice Girls? Parallel worlds? One of the Telegraph’s 50 Funniest Comedians of the 21st Century.

“A one-man finger-in-the-dyke against the blandification of comedy” ★★★★ Guardian
“One of the cleverest and most-inventive shows on the Fringe” ★★★★ Telegraph
“Flawless” ★★★★★ List

Photo by Natasha Pszenicki.

Alex Kealy: The Fear

The ‘almost sexily cerebral’ (★★★★ Telegraph) stand-up presents a show about fear, after 2022’s ‘breakneck pace… wonderful new hour’ (★★★★ List). As heard on BBC Radio 4’s The Now Show, co-host of Gig Pigs podcast with Ivo Graham and writer for Mock The Week.

“A storming show” Sunday Times
“Excellent… dynamite, interstellar routine which I wish I had written!” Mark Kermode
“Five comedians to see if you like James Acaster” Edinburgh Evening News
“Internal damage from laughing so much” ★★★★ Short Com
“This is a must-see” ★★★★ Broadway Baby
“Fresh, insightful and original” ★★★★ Fringe Guru

Photo by Matt Stronge.

Alexandra Haddow: Third Party

Is the world making you more nihilistic? Are you saying “fuck it, yeah, why not?” more often? Are you bored of having to live a certain way or only ever being given two options to vote for, both of whom are awful? Come and join Alex in the Third Party, where we talk sex, drugs, politics, life, and try and find a bit of hope in the chaos.

Photo by Rebecca Need-Menear.

Jo Griffin: Last Chance Saloon

While everyone’s settling down, Jo’s busy doing all the naughty stuff she’s yet to try! From day raves with Gen Zs (she’s the hype-girl keeping everyone hydrated) to contemplating her first sex party (did someone say therapy cuddle puddle in the darkroom? Yes please!), she’s determined to max the fun while the biological clock ticks fast. Shortlisted for the BBC New Comedy Award 2023 and Funny Women Awards. Seen on Channel 4, BBC Three and Dave. Sold-out run at Soho Theatre.
★★★★ List
★★★★ Fest
“A show-stopping crowd-pleaser” Chortle

Directed by Chloe Petts.

Photo by Rebecca Need-Menear.

Dee Allum: Deadname

⁠ She’s here! She’s queer! Her parents are sort-of used to it! Fresh, exciting and overall just happy to be here, Dee is the greatest transgender comedian her small village has ever produced. This debut stand-up show is about reconciling with the past, coming out and going through two puberties (frankly, two too many). As seen on the BBC New Comedy Awards Final and Comedy Central Live.

“Delightfully funny… thoroughly engaging” Chortle
“You could well be furious about not getting a ticket to one of their sold-out shows very soon” Guardian

Photo by Stefan Hanegraaf.

Laura Davis: Albatross

Internationally acclaimed cult-favourite Laura Davis returns with rapid-fire stand-up that journeys through nature, empires, lighthouse keeping, existentialism, birdwatching and haunted microwaves. Deft, refreshing, and hilarious, this “beguiling” (Chortle) comedy hour is a must-see. Most Outstanding Show nominee at MICF 2022 and 2023.

“Davis is something of a wild card, with a brand of humour hard to define but easy to like” List
“Davis’ skill at weaving a story you didn’t know you were being told is unveiled… remarkable and gratifying in equal measure” Age
“Impossible not to laugh” Herald
★★★★★ Time Out
★★★★★ EdFringe Review

Photo by Chayla Taylor.

Kiran Saggu: Slacks

All her life Kiran Saggu has battled immigrant and capitalist pressure to succeed from her Desi-British-American background. Now she wonders, must she get her ass up and work? Or can she be loved, adored, rich and fulfilled from the safety of a log position in her London flatshare bed?

In Slacks, Kiran asks big questions such as; ‘How can I live with the fact I didn’t start a YouTube channel at 12 years old to make me a millionaire now?’, ‘When will men I date stop telling me they could do stand-up comedy?’, and ‘Can I sue the Daily Mail?’

Joe Wells: Daddy Autism

Joe and his wife want to have a baby. He's autistic so it's quite likely the baby will be too. That's ok, all he needs to do is solve ableism before it's born.

As seen on: Rosie Jones’ Disability Comedy Extravaganza, BBC Two’s Ouch Storytelling Live and Channel 4’s Jokes Only a Neurodivergent Can Tell. Over 20 million online views.

“Some of the most surprising and thought-provoking material coming from any comedian” Guardian
“One of my favourite comics” Frankie Boyle
★★★★★ Neurodiverse Review
★★★★ Chortle

Photo by Ed Moore.

Tal Davies: Vermin

Deadpan Brummie scumbag Tal Davies (Funny Women finalist, British Comedian of the Year semi-finalist, as seen on BBC Three) presents a WIP of her debut solo show filled with embarrassing tales of woe, witty observations and insights into her life as a fun-time gal with a penchant for weird little critters.

“A natural storyteller… [with] an innately affable, easy-going delivery” Chortle
“Refreshingly relatable and highly amusing” ★★★★ Lost In Theatreland

Photo by Sam Frank Wood.

Alex Franklin: Gurl Code

In 2023, trans girl Alex (me) started HRT. Now she (me) feels the most alive she’s (me’s) ever felt; and she wants to make you feel alive too, or die trying. A ludicrous, musical, chaotic, joyful show about the colours of the world becoming slowly brighter and giving people furniture via the tube. Also being trans.

As seen/heard on Channel 4 / HBO Max / BBC Radio 4.

“Undeniably ludicrous comedy gold” ★★★★ Entertainment Now
“Eclectic, risk-taking and inventive” Scotsman
“Winningly weird… this young comic is on the way up” Telegraph

Directed by Dom Stephens.

Photo by Rebecca Need-Menear.

Abby Wambaugh: The First 3 Minutes of 17 Shows

Abby awoke in hospital after a late miscarriage and, high on anesthesia, decided to become a comedian. In this silly, goofy, heartfelt show Abby presents her best 17 ideas for her highly anticipated debut hour, including potential hits like “Old Man Learns Parkour” and a very long impression of the number 9.

Funny Women finalist & co-host of Help Hole podcast alongside Sofie Hagen.

“Reminiscent of Hannah Gadsby or Tig Notaro… Tackles what could be a thorny, complex subject with grace, underplayed charm and some great jokes” Chortle

Photo by Sif Bang Mikkelson.

Josephine Lacey: Autism Mama

Most mothers expect to help guide their child through puberty. But when your son is autistic, it’s a whole different story. Welcome to Josephine’s world. Expect visual aids, balloons, and a heartwarming insight into the relationship between mother and son, both determined to figure it out together. From Chortle’s One To Watch (2023) and Leicester Mercury Comedian of the Year nominee (2023).

“A comedy bombshell, just light the blue touch-paper and watch the mirth erupt” BBC

Photo by Aemen Sukkar at Jiksaw.

Andrew Doherty: Gay Witch Sex Cult

A sticky, spooky horror comedy about gender reveal parties, demons from hell, and above all, a Gay Witch Sex Cult (a sex cult for gay witches).

As Kaelan Trough and his husband celebrate the gender reveal of their as yet unborn child, they invite their nearest and dearest for an unforgettable party.

However, the party takes a sinister turn as Prosecco is drunk, demons are summoned (oops!) and prophecies are fulfilled.

Kaelan soon realises that he is merely a pawn in the machinations of a powerful, terrifying and sexy organisation, and he will be lucky to escape with his life.

“A comedy masterclass” ★★★★★ Spy In The Stalls
“Had me in a perpetual chuckle...Andrew Doherty's performance is one of outstanding precision” ★★★★★ All That Dazzles
“Perfectly crafted and controlled” ★★★★½ London Pub Theatres
“The most I've laughed at a show, probably ever” Lost In Theatreland
“You're a part of something special by the end” Binge Fringe

All shows are first come first served, entry to particular shows is not guaranteed (but we do our best to fit people in!) Line-up subject to change.


This year's hosts include:

  • Alison Spittle: co-creator and co-presenter of the BBC Sounds podcast Wheel of Misfortune with Kerry Katona, regular co-host of The Guilty Feminist and had her own hugely successful vehicle The Alison Spittle Show
  • Joz Norris: Comedians' Choice Award winner for Best Show at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2019; creator and star of the critic's choice BBC Radio 4 sitcom The Dream Factory. “Really does capture the spirit of Fringe comedy.” Guardian
  • Lulu Popplewell: “Biting wit and playful punchlines” British Comedy Guide
  • Lachlan Werner: comedy's poof prince of puppets. “funniest new ventriloquist on the block” Telegraph
  • Kathryn Higgins: as seen on the BBC New Comedy Awards and tour support for Rosie Jones
  • Sam Nicoresti: winner of Leicester Square Theatre’s New Comedian of the Year 2022 and nominated for Best MC at Chortle Awards 2024. “A stylish, idiosyncratic stand-up with a vivid imagination… and, dare I say it, even a touch of the young Daniel Kitson.” Beyond the Joke
  • Saima Ferdows: Comedy Goblin and Oscar losing Writer's Assistant
  • Thom Tuck: co-creator of The Alternative Comedy Memorial Society, Britain’s premier experimental comedy night. “Always a captivating performer” Observer
  • Nat Metcalfe: regularly heard on The JCAS with Nick Helm, James Acaster's Findings, Springleaf and Josh Widdicombe's XFM Show. “delightfully funny” Time Out
  • Ruby Carr: winner of Funny Women Comedy Writing Award 2022, Funny Women One to Watch 2021 and Finalist for Amused Moose New Act of the Year 2019.
  • Richard Sandling: an award winning stand-up comedian, actor and filmmaker who has appeared in Catherine Tate, Zapped, Peep Show and The Stand Up Sketch Show. “Expect big laughs” Guardian
  • Alice India: a rising star on the UK comedy scene, and 2Northdown, Leicester Square Theatre and Komedia Comedy Launchpad finalist. “Alice is the personification of charisma and boy does she have the jokes to back it up.” Great routines delivered with aplomb.” Kiri Pritchard McLean

We have announced all of the festival's 12 hosts.