Weekend Line-up

Preview / work-in-progress shows

Every single show at the festival is a preview or work-in-progress — they may be rough around the edges! We have announced 24 shows out of 48 so far.

Rosie Jones: Unapologetic

“Wickedly Funny” Rosie Jones returns with a brand new show, packed with jokes, mischief and probably, a bit of beef. In this hour, Jones will explore life post COVID, and life post turning thirty. Guaranteed to be naughty, raucous and rip-roaringly fun. Will also include a great story about the Travel Lodge in Croydon.

As seen on Live At The Apollo, 8 Out Of 10 Cats, Casualty and her own Channel 4 travel show, Trip Hazard.

Photo by Aeman Sukkar / Jiksaw.

Phil Wang: The Real Hero in All This

Hot off the heels of his critically acclaimed Netflix special and his first US tour, Phil's bringing his highly infective British-Malaysian variant of comedy to ARG. Phil's last ARG was bloody years ago, so immunity to his charm has faded significantly. Thank goodness he's back with a new hour of absolute gold about race, family and everything that's been going on in his Philly little life. Your doctor called – you're due your next dose of Wang.

“At the top of his game… Inspired work from a comic who just gets better and better" ★★★★★ Time Out

Photo by Matt Stronge.

Josie Long: Re-enchantment

Josie Long is back with a new show about being humane and hoping for better, and also possibly about learning the trumpet and a flyer she saw in 1991. Since her last show she has moved to Scotland, turned 40 and had another baby and would like these to be seen as professional achievements for tax purposes.

“Full of love and defiant joy” ★★★★ Guardian

Photo by Matt Crockett.

Glenn Moore: Will You Still Need Me, Will You Still Feed Me, Glenn I’m Sixty Moore

“The best showcase of pure joke-writing skill on the Fringe” Guardian

Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee, and one of the best and most prolific joke-writers of his generation, Glenn Moore really puts in another shift. Mock The Week and The Stand Up Sketch Show regular. As heard on The News Quiz, The Now Show, and sidekick on Absolute Radio's The Dave Berry Breakfast Show. Proud owner of a Pointless Celebrities trophy and House of Games tankard.

★★★★ Guardian
★★★★ Chortle
★★★★ Evening Standard

Photo by Natasha Pszenicki.

Kiri Pritchard-McLean: Home Truths

Kiri Pritchard-McLean is back and a lot has happened over the last few years. She’s moved back to her home island of Anglesey and gotten some rescue chickens. You can expect jokes about skinny jeans, learning Welsh and white supremacy – something for everyone. As seen on Have I Got News For You, Live at the Apollo and Would I Lie to You?

“Making powerhouse stand-up from the thorniest of subjects” ★★★★ Guardian
★★★★ List
★★★★ Telegraph

Photo by Drew Forsyth.

Jessica Fostekew: Wench

A new show about private things, public things and trying to wrap your big sexy arms around time to keep it still.

You’ve seen Jessica on Live at the Apollo and QI, amongst other telly shows. She’s a regular co-host of The Guilty Feminist Podcast, the host and creator of The Hoovering Podcast and you hear her regularly on BBC Radio 4’s News Quiz and Now Show.

Nominated for the Dave Edinburgh Comedy Award Best Show 2019 with her last show Hench and winner of Best Show and Best Breakthrough Act in the Chortle Awards 2020.

Photo by Matt Stronge.

Sophie Duker: Hag

The sexy baby from Taskmaster is all grown up. Back in 2019 she was a Babybel – round, sweet, pure. Now she's vintage cheddar – extra mature and hiding in your fridge. As seen on Live At The Apollo and literally everywhere else. Hag is her new stand-up show. Deal with it.

Best Newcomer Nominee, 2019.

“Laugh out-loud funny” ★★★★ Telegraph
“Extremely funny” ★★★★ Scotsman
“Rips through sex and race with relish” Sunday Times
★★★★ Evening Standard
★★★★ Skinny

Photo by Sarah Harry-Isaacs.

Alison Spittle: WET WIP(e)

Alison loves to do star jumps in the water. She also likes to watch people fight in chip shops. Her two worlds collide as a fight breaks out in aqua-aerobics and she’s never felt so alive.

When the foam settles, Alison realises she’s an outwardly nice person who lives for confrontation.

Host of BBC Sounds Wheel of Misfortune, The Guilty Feminist podcast and writer for Have I Got News For You.

“Alison Spittle is a star she is killing it! Go see her Edinburgh show its sooo good” Maria Bamford
“A kind of genius” ★★★★ Irish Times
“A master class in stand-up comedy” MEG.IE

Photo by Karla Gowlett.

Colin Hoult: The Death of Anna Mann

Anna Mann is back! The acclaimed actress, singer and welder (gotta have a back up) returns after five long years to tell the incredible story of her life in the arts in this, her final hour. Visceral, real and achingly brave, Colin Hoult (After Life, Netflix) presents a hilarious meditation on life, death and literally everything in between. You will leave screaming “f*** off I love it!”

“Funnier than almost all other shows at this year's Fringe” ★★★★ Telegraph
“Deliciously funny” ★★★★ Times
★★★★ Scotsman
★★★★ Time Out

Photo by Linda Blacker.

Jordan Brookes: This Is Just What Happens

What do you do when the end of the world finally comes and you realise it’s going to happen slowly and boringly? No sudden meteor strike. No thrilling zombie apocalypse. Just a gradual ebbing away of life as you knew it. Do you fight to fix things before it gets worse, dedicating your life to making the world around you better? Nah. You close your curtains, hunker down and fixate over something shitty someone said to you two years ago.

A new show from the 2019 Edinburgh Comedy Award winner.

“He's happier than ever and raring to go” Mirror

Photo by Matt Crockett.

Olga Koch: Just Friends

Star of Mock the Week, QI, Late Night Mash, Frankie Boyle's New World Order and Edinburgh's Best Newcomer nominee, Olga Koch brings you the rollercoaster romcom you aren't tall enough to ride. Strap in.

Directed by Charlie Dinkin.

“Uproarious, gleefully obscene comedy” Guardian
“One of the most charismatic comedians on the circuit” ★★★★ Telegraph
“A natural storyteller, she will keep you completely hooked” ★★★★★ BroadwayBaby

Photo by Rachel Sherlock.

Mat Ewins: Danger Money

The master of straight-shooting, straight-talking, gimmick-free stand-up is back!

“Possibly the most important comic of his generation” ★★★★ Mat Ewins

Not to be missed, different show every night – extra shows cancelled due to precedented demand!

Photo by Paul Gilbey.

Ania Magliano: Absolutely No Worries If Not

50% Polish, 50% Italian, 100% legend. Ania Magliano’s debut show tackles the stuff that matters: LUSH, horse girls, and buying a cat off Gumtree. Leicester Comedy Festival Best New Show Winner 2022.

Writer for Amelia Dimoldenberg’s Chicken Shop Date. As seen on The Stand Up Sketch Show (ITV2) & Dave Online.

“Already has the cool, calm and collected stage presence of a standup veteran” Guardian
“A finesse usually seen after decades in the game” Diva Mag

Come if you want to, but absolutely no worries if not.

Photo by Matt Stronge.

Tarot: Cautionary Tales

Come learn life lessons from five people still doing sketch in their thirties.

A new show from Tarot, creators of 2019's fifth- best reviewed show, Chortle's No. 1 show of 2019 and stars of their own Radio 4 sketch show, Soundbleed.

Tarot is the lovechild of Goose and Gein's Family Giftshop. By which we mean it's a drain on our bank accounts and we don't talk to our parents about it.

“Bark-out-loud funny... the whole show is startlingly live.” ★★★★ Guardian
“One of the balls-out funniest show of the Fringe.” ★★★★½ Chortle

Photo and artworking by Kayla Wren, design by Suz Hughes.

Rachel Fairburn: Can I Be Awful?

Brassy, abrasive, rude, belligerent. The four horsemen of the apocalypse? No. They’re all words that have been used to describe Rachel and she’s proper sick of it now. She’s also sick of being told to “be kind” by everyone from bearded hipster men to T-shirts. What’s wrong with saying it how you see it? What really is kindness? Why is Rachel’s “truth” not respected? Why are you all so annoying? Probably because nobody tells you that you are. Let Rachel change that.

Join the All Killa No Filla co host, as seen on BBC Presents: Stand Up For Live Comedy and Funny Festival Live, part of the BBC’s Festival of Funny. Her TV credit's include Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled and Russell Howard Hour Life Lessons.

“Huge presence in a pint-sized frame” ★★★★ Chortle
“Bright, brave and bitterly enjoyable” ★★★★ Skinny
“Gag-heavy, opinionated and smart” ★★★★ Funny Women

Photo by Tall Guy Pictures.

Sean McLoughlin: So Be It

International micro-star Sean McLoughlin returns to the Fringe with his best stand-up show. The world may be a strange and scary place but life is still worth living, yeah? Tour support for Ricky Gervais. Chortle Award nominee. As seen on multiple TV appearances and heard on his two hugely successful US albums.

“A hugely accomplished hour of stand-up” Time Out
“His intellectual and comic brilliance has the audience rapt” Chortle

Photo by Edward Moore.

Helen Bauer: Madam Good Tit

Helen is basic, well basic-plus because she is self-aware with it. Last year’s Best Newcomer nominee returns with an hour about self-confidence, self-esteem and self-care. It’s the year of ‘self’. Taking care of yourself has never been more ‘in’. Inspirational quotes and facemasks are a big industry and, like all her friends, Helen is trying to ‘be the change she wants to see’. From Live at The Apollo.

“A personality that will fill a stadium… This girl will not be performing in small venues for much longer” ★★★★★ Sunday Express

Photo by James Deacon.

Joz Norris: Blink

Legendary magician Joz Norris has perfected the hardest magic trick of all time — making an entire audience think and blink in unison. He's got everything under control this time. Nothing can possibly go wrong.

“Joyously silly” Evening Standard
“A sort of absurdist Simon Amstell... He really does capture the spirit of creative live comedy” Guardian

Winner of The Comedians' Choice Award for Best Show, 2019.
Writer and star of the BBC Radio 4 sitcom The Dream Factory.
Sold out run in 2019.

Co-starring Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee Ben Target.

Photo by Miranda Holms.

Sunil Patel: Faster Horses

“If I had asked people what they wanted they would have said faster horses” (Henry Ford). Mad that he went and invented the car isn't it? Imagine all the people thinking please Henry we just want a faster horse and then he just turns up with an engine on a bed frame going 5mph.

Anyway, I'm riding in with some faster horses, give the people what they want I say. As seen on This Time with Alan Partridge (BBC), Stath Lets Flats (Channel 4) and Jonathan Ross' Comedy Club

Photo by James Deacon.

Celya AB: Swimming

The debut solo show from one of the circuit’s emerging stars.

Moving from a small town outside of Paris to live in Birmingham, to finding her place in the world — and crucially, learning to swim at the age of 25. Tour support for Maria Bamford and St Vincent.

As seen on The BBC New Comedy Awards Final; Yesterday, Today and the Day Before (Comedy Central); Festival Funny Live (BBC), and heard on The Guilty Feminist.

“Sharp and annoyingly observant gags.” Joe Lycett
“Great jokes, a strong comic. Both classy and funny. A thoroughly engaging presence and very promising writer. Strong stuff.” Steve Bennett, Chortle

Photo by Rachel Sherlock.

Sikisa: Twerk In Progress

Sikisa is the life and soul, the hostess-with-the-mostess and the party don't start 'til she walks in. Join her for an epic house party and highly anticipated debut hour. Parties are fun... right? As seen and heard on Jonathan Ross' Comedy Club (ITV), The Stand Up Sketch Show (ITV2) and The Off-Menu podcast. Three-time Leicester Comedy Festival Awards nominee and BBC New Comedy Award Finalist.

“She exudes a lively energy” Chortle

Photo by Swiss Chocolate Pictures / Adrian Tauss.

Leo Reich: Literally Who Cares?!

At long last, self-diagnosed important young mind Leo Reich is ready to share some of his notoriously perfect opinions with the community at large. Faced with the swirling uncertainty of our collective future, Leo will ask the big questions such as “Am I hot?”, “Is this helping?” and “No offence guys but literally what is going on?”. Join this insufferable hunk as he pushes the very boundaries of what is considered "funny and good comedy".

Tour support for Simon Amstell; as seen on E4, Comedy Central, ITV1 and Dave.

Photo by Matt Crockett.

Cerys Bradley: Sportsperson

Sportsperson is written and performed by Cerys Bradley (Soho Theatre Young Company, Amused Moose semi-finalist 2020). It's a show about playing sport and fitting in and how Cerys is quite bad at both of those things. It's also a show about being non-binary, embarrassed about wearing lycra and how spending your childhood in a car whilst your parents watch your brother play football (and rugby and tennis and cricket) definitely doesn't leave you with a massive chip on your shoulder. As seen on BBC Wales.

“Slick and quick-witted” DIVA

Photo by Miranda Holms.

Lara Ricote: GRL/LATNX/DEF

Lara's a small Latin American girl (woman?) who won the Funny Women 2021 (right, “woman”) Stage Award and is now doing her first hour about what it's like to be Latin and deaf and a girl who's now a woman at the same time. You know, minority jokes for majority crowds. If you read this and you don't come, what's that say about you? Huh? You hate disabled people? Maybe come and prove you don't! Love you. As seen on E4, Comedy Central and Dave.

“One word for Lara Ricote: Wow!... An electric presence” ★★★★ Chortle

Every single show at the festival is a preview or work-in-progress — they may be rough around the edges! We have announced 24 shows out of 48 so far.


This year's hosts include:

  • Stuart Laws: “You'll struggle to find a comedian with a better jokes per minute rate … like a one-man episode of Arrested Development” Fest
  • Rose Johnson: “Superb… Confident confessional delivery of strongly relatable material” ★★★★ What’s On London
  • Ian Smith: “A riot of sprightly silliness” Chortle
  • Nat Metcalfe: “delightfully silly” Time Out
  • More to be announced!