Why is it called ARGComFest?
It is a contracted version of ‘Actually Rather Good Comedy Festival’.

How do you fit in so many full previews?
ARGComFest runs from around midday to around 10pm in three rooms, with previews running back-to-back. Shows start at the same time, so you have a simple choice of seeing show A, show B, or show C. They should all finish at around the same time, and you either stay where you are or go to another room.

What about between shows? What happens then?
Between shows there will be other comedians, who will generally do a few minutes then give everyone a break to move around before bringing on the next act.

I don’t think that I’ll last ten hours – can I leave and come back?
Yes – you can come and go as you please: day ticket holders will have their hand stamped and weekend ticket holders will have a fabric wristband. It is quite common for people to go out to get food and miss a slot. It is equally common for the hardcore comedy fans to refuse to miss a thing.

What’s the difference between super early bird / early bird / normal tickets?
Nothing, other than the price. There’s a very limited number of super early bird tickets, then slightly more early bird, then lots of normal – the idea is that everyone goes for the cheapest tickets and then they sell out and the price gradually goes up slightly. Buy your tickets as soon as possible in order to pay the lower prices.

Is there a minimum age?
Unfortunately due to venue policies, ARGComFest is 16+.

What happens with tickets? Are they posted out or collected?
There are no physical tickets – just turn up at the venue on the day/weekend and we’ll sort everything out for you.

How accessible is the venue?
Shoreditch Town Hall is committed to providing a welcoming environment, working to positively improve the experience for disabled visitors as far as is reasonably possible in their Grade II listed building. There’s some information on their website’s access page but if you need to know more, we’d advise contacting them.

I’m having a problem booking tickets / I didn’t receive a confirmation email / I have another ticketing enquiry…
Probably best to send a message to Ticket Text – but do feel free to email or tweet at us if you’re unsure whether to contact them first.

I’m thinking of coming as part of a stag/hen party – is that okay?
Unfortunately not! We have a very similar policy on stag/hen groups as The Stand Comedy Club. To quote their policy: “it’s a bit daft to bring a group of friends who want to chat, catch-up and get hammered to a place where they are expected to sit quietly and watch a show”. We do reserve the right to refuse entry – so if you’re unsure whether to book, please contact us beforehand on the email address listed below.

Do you need festival volunteers/staff?
While we do have a wonderful festival team in place, we do occasionally need additional help. If you’re interested, send us an email about you and your experience – although it doesn’t need to be formal! Our address is hello@actuallyrathergood.com.

I have another question…
Drop us a line by emailing hello@actuallyrathergood.com

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